Why Every CA/CS Students Should Buy Kindle E-reader?

Why Every CA/CS Students Should Buy Kindle E-reader?


Now, if you are reading this posts than it means you have either Qualified CA/CS or you are Student pursuing CA/CS or any other course for that matter. With that in mind let’s begin why Kindle E-Reader is right for you?


What is Kindle E-reader you may ask?

Kindle E-reader is an E-reader made and distributed by AMAZON. It can read all kinds of books in electronic format. Be it Pdf, Docx, Doc, html, AZW3, etc.


Now you have to be honest and ask yourself what value does any technology adds to your Productivity. Recent trend suggests technology significantly drives up your productivity. Now, it’s up to you to decide its cost and benefits.

Anyway here we will be discussing the benefits that an E- Reader like Kindle Brings to you. Kindle is recommended to anyone who loves reading be it their Textbooks or any self-help books.

Kindle offers significant value when paired with subscription like Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Reading



Why Choose Kindle Over My Phone or Tablet?

Good Question. Now here are few Reasons why you should consider choosing kindle over your smartphone or tablet.

  • Battery Life
  • Distraction Free
  • Better User Experience
  • Word Wise
  • Vocabulary Builder, etc.
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Here are Reasons Why CA or CS Student would want a Kindle E-Reader for themselves?

  • Carry all your Books: You will be able to carry all your Study Material of ICAI with you all the time on your kindle. That means no Bulkier books in your bag at workplace.
  • Search Through Books: One of the advantages of e-books are that they are machine readable which allows to search through the book. Which is not possible on the Physical Book?
  • Improve your Vocabulary: Well Weak vocabulary is not something to be proud of. If you want to improve your vocabulary, then Kindle will be your most useful to you. It has inbuilt Dictionary which will give you meaning of words by just tap and hold.
  • All your Highlighted Text in One Place: Every line you highlighted in the books will be added to one list that way you can revise entire book in fraction of time than that of printed books.
  • Be More Productive: Kindle is really light weight. That means you can use kindle even in crowded metro and utilize commuting time.

  • Never Run out of Books to Read: With the Subscription facility like Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime, you can access a lot of books on monthly subscription which starts as low as Rs.99 onwards.
  • Keep Yourself Focused: Kindle is built for reading books and books only. That means there will be no notification on kindle from all those Social Media and all. It will be you and your Kindle only. That means you will actually get to your Personal Goals of Reading Books without any distraction from your phone.
  • Keep up with the Trend. Its 2019 now and Kindle is the latest gadget that will get your style quotient a boost. Kindle will definitely get you some attention. Being a proud owner of kindle myself I can assure you that, you will get attention from the crowd. Quick Tip: Get to Know your kindle well, as people around you will definitely have few question for you.

Here are different types of kindle that you can get for yourself. Do compare them against each other before buying. Latest price of kindle at the time of this post are Listed below:

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