RULE 16 OF CGST 2017 Suo moto Registration

RULE16 CGST 2017 provides for the provisions for the situations where the Department can issues Registration to the concerned Assessee on Suo Moto basis.

As per the RULE16 OF CGST 2017, Suo moto Registration can be issued to any assessee in following cases:

  1. Where, pursuant to any survey, enquiry, inspection, search or any other proceedings under the Act, the proper officer finds that a person liable to registration under the Act  has failed to apply for such registration, such officer may register the said person on a temporary basis and issue an order in FORM GST REG-12.
  2. The registration granted under sub-rule (1) shall be effective from the date of such order granting
  3. Every person to whom a temporary registration has been granted under sub-rule (1) shall, within a period of ninety days from the date of the grant of such registration,  submit an application for registration in the form and manner provided in rule 8 or rule 12:

Provided that where the said person has filed an appeal against the grant of temporary registration, in such case, the application for registration shall be submitted within a period of thirty days from the date of the issuance of the order upholding the liability to registration by the Appellate Authority.

4.The provisions of rule 9 and rule 10 relating to verification and the issue of the certificate of registration shall, mutatis mutandis, apply to an application submitted under sub-rule (3).

5.The Goods and Services Tax Identification Number assigned, pursuant to the verification under sub-rule (4), shall be effective from the date of the order granting registration under sub-rule (1).

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