How to Find Student Registration Number of ICAI ?

How to Find Student Registration Number of ICAI ?


Every student is awarded a Unique Registration Number against Application Form after Payment and subsequent approval from Board of Studies of ICAI. Student Registration Number is unique for every student which helps icai to uniquely identify students for various administrative purpose. Registration number is starts with NRO/SRO/ERO/WRO/CRO Followed by some number (usually 7 to 8 digit) *.

It is assumed that you are student of CPT / FOUNDATION and lost it for some reason.

In Any case if you have lost/forgotten your registration number then you can still find it by following methods:

Note: For your own sake please go through this article before jumping on any method. Make sure you have the all the required information.


Method 1:    Duplicate Printing of online CPT Registration Form (on basis of Acknowledgement Number)

                        Required: Acknowledgement Number

If you have recently registered for CPT / FOUNDATION course, then you might have Receipt or Acknowledgement Number from icai that was generated when you applied for the course. You can visit this portal keeping your Acknowledgement Number on hand. (

Use acknowledgement number to retrieve your information


Method 2:    Log in to Your Student’s  Dashboard for Registration in FOUNDATION Course, INTERMEDIATE / Direct Entry Course, New FINAL Course, All Conversion Forms (From Old to New Course) and Re-Validation Forms

                        Required: Email address used for Registration purpose & Password used for the online submission

`                       This method is for students of CPT / FOUNDATION who have either Newly Registered or have converted from old course to New Scheme. Use this link (


New Course Dashboard

If the above two methods didn’t work, then you can still retrieve your Registration Number by Remaining methods.


Method 3:    Use Forgot Password Facility On Icaiexam Portal.

                        Since the above two method didn’t work for you then you must have lost significant documents under unfortunate circumstance.

                        Anyway, You might use Forgot password from this link


                        And it will send you the details in your email as well as Mobile no.




Method 4:    Apply for Duplicate Certificate / Duplicate Mark sheet / Transcript

                        You can also apply for the Duplicate Certificate / Duplicate Mark sheet / Transcript  containing the required information from this link (


Use this link to apply for the duplicate marksheet from icai. Keep required information in hand before applying.

Method 5:    Search Your email and Sms Inbox for Messages from BOS

            If all the above method failed, then you are left with no other option to get it other way but to search through your email and sms .

                        Look for the messages from BOS / ICAI


Method 6:    Visit your local ICAI branch they may be able to help retrieve your information under such dire circumstances .

Alternatively, you can look up  this information In any documents example Admit card , Student card, Library card,etc

Please do write us in case you need any further assistance. Our community at Facebook and Instagram will help you out.

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