Improve your English with Grammarly.

Imagine a situation you’re writing an important piece of article on a blog, facebook, twitter, etc., and your friends are trolling you for some silly grammatical errors.What if you had some assistant that would analyze and recommend mistakes that you make while typing your content..???

There’s an easy solution to this problem: Grammarly.

Grammarly is an enhanced online grammar assistant which identify errors ranging from spelling correction to advanced level of situational and contextual based recommendation for a sentence.It also does an excellent job of explaining the definition of the word you select. It saves you a lot of google searches.

Grammarly has inbuilt plagiarism detection which compares from its database to avoid plagiarism in the social web. Being the student of the professional course myself, in my view, it’s better to avoid the plagiarism early in the career and build a solid ground for the future when we have to discharge our duties as a professional to the significant stakeholder.

There are several examples in the news where a professional in spite of their sound technical skills get dragged down due to their poor communication and silly grammatical mistakes. Well, there’s an easy way out from this trouble. Rightly so, it is named Grammarly


Grammarly is a cloud-based online application which analyzes and suggests spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and other more than 250 rules of grammar at your service.

You can download it as:

  • Chrome and Firefox extension
  • Desktop App
  • Add-in for MS Word and MS Outlook

I’ve personally used it and found it useful if only the price would have been in Indian Rupees, I could have subscribed to the premium version of Grammarly.

In my case, it sometimes gives me ambiguous results between comma and space and I have to switch back and forth which is annoying. Also, it would be helpful if the desktop and MS Word and another add-in could work offline. These are again software issues I am hopeful it gets fixed in newer version.

To sum, up Grammarly is free for simple usage, If you want the more advanced feature, consider a premium version of Grammarly.

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