General Audit checklist for Finished Goods Warehouse

General Audit Checklist for Finished Goods Warehouse:

Following are some of the checks that are considered during Finished Goods Warehouse Audit:




1 Attendance Is there any system in place to monitor the attendance of Warehouse Staff
2 Licenses & Compliances Whether required licenses (VAT licenses, etc) are displayed at a conspicuous place in warehouse/office?
3 Warehousing Is continuous water supply with storage facility available at the warehouse?
Is hose reel required/available?
4 Warehousing Whether sufficient fire extinguishers are available in the warehouse and are serviced on a periodical basis?
5 Warehousing Are the goods stacked in accordance with the limits prescribed on cartons?
Whether the drums are stored up to the height of specified layers?
6 Warehousing Is the spill kit available at warehouse ??
Following are some of the requirements which may be applicable as per the type of warehouse-
1. Oversized MS Drums/ packaging material
2. Absorbent material like soda ash, sand and saw dust
3. Shovels, brooms, buckets, trays
4. Adequate PPE’s
5. M-Seal
6. Nitrile Hand gloves
8. Boot
9. Cartridge Mask
10.Spill Powder
11. Hypo Solutions
8 Warehousing Are there sufficient first aids available considering specific toxic pesticides and insecticides?
9 Warehousing Do workers & visitors use proper PPE’s as per the requirements of Warehouse Manual
10 Warehousing Disposal of Insurance Claimed & Unsalable stocks
11 Inventory Whether any discrepancies (shortage/excess) are noticed in PV, whether root cause analysis is being carried out and appropriate actions taken on such differences?
12 Logistics Whether recovery clause has been incorporated in transporter’s agreement for in-transit damages & losses? (in case of owned warehouse)
13 Logistics Whether TREM (Transporter’s Emergency card) is provided to the carrier for full truckloads, to handle any emergency due to spillage/leakage/accident/incident etc.
14 Records Employee Training Records
15 Records Whether Updated material safety data sheet is maintained at Warehouse for all products?
16 Records Internal Audit observations and compliances of the previous year.



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