Learn MS Excel before joining CA Articleship


Learn MS Excel before joining CA Articleship.

MS-Excel is a Spreadsheet Programme Developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is Bundled with other Office automation Programmes Namely:

  • MS Word
  • MS Powerpoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Acess, etc.

MS-Excel Provides both Basic Spreadsheet functionality and Advanced functions for performing Advance level Data Analysis, complex mathematical calculations, etc. It is a powerful tool for Presenting and Analyzing huge data sets. MS-Excel particularly helps a lot in our professional career. Everyone uses It differently Thanks to its Versatility Usages of MS-Excel is Endless. To Chartered Accountants, it helps us in Following areas;

  • Preparing Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Budgets
  • Auditing
  • Tax Computation,
  • And Many More…

Use case For CA Article

As this article is directed to the Students who just cleared IPCC exams and will Register for Articleship for the First time and face office work for the first time. Hence it becomes Very Important for Article to get himself Familiar with the computer software used in the office environment. You will undergo training for this Software during your ITT Programme. Where You will get to know the Basics of the MS Excel and other software.

But as with all programmes, it will get monotonous and you will soon find yourself in a situation where you will be Bombarded with the theory and the Essence of learning objective will get lost in mugging up all those theories. Practical knowledge if any would be severally Limited or very Basic at best.

We here have been through this situation and would like to share our Collective knowledge and Experience on MS-Excel. We will try to cover as much as possible to get you informed on usages of the Excel.

If you are familiar with the computer system and Windows then it might be relatively easy for you learn ms excel. We will start slowly and gradually build on it. Learning Curve will be different for each individual so please learn at your own pace. During your first year of articleship, You will get a good hold of MS Excel. Your competence in Excel will be determined by the Quantum and Frequency of work you do in Excel.

The major use of Excel is in Data Analysis. As you progress, you might get exposure to different ERP’s that your Client companies use. Each ERP is different and more exposure would mean more addition to your knowledge. General ERPs you will get to work are TALLY, Oracle, SAP, etc. Excel plays the game when you have to analyze the data extracted from these ERPs. Further most of the small businesses which do not use ERP’s, they do maintain their data in Excel files. This makes knowledge of Excel Essential for CA Articleship.

Our team strives to improve the Excel knowledge or our users. This is why we are here with some basic knowledge of Excel to Get You Started. Some of the important skills that a CA Article should learn in his articleship are as below:

  • Format data correctly (custom formats, lock cell references, and some best practices)
  • Using basic formulas
  • Mouse-free navigation
  • Clean, manipulate, analyze & visualize large sets of data
  • Design automated data models that are well organized and someone else could take over
  • Write advanced conditional formulas (like V-lookup, If-Then, and some others)
  • Conditional statements
  • Data analysis – filtering, sorting and analyzing data
  • Data visualization – tables, charts, and dual axis charts
  • What-if-analysis
  • Pivot tables, Etc.


In the Next Post, We will deal with the Basic Layout and Get Used To the Excel Navigation.

Here is the link where you can buy your copy of MS OFFICE for your laptop. We have provided the link to the Student version of MS OFFICE as it will be sufficient for you. A professional version And a Subscription-Based OFFICE-365 is also available but is relatively cheap.

Let us know what you think. 

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