About Us

Our Vision

We are the group of the CA Students who in the past faced a lot of practical problems while dealing with day to day work. We combine our Experiences, Knowledge and pool them together, So nobody has to face those same problems as we did. This site helps CA students/articles to deal with day to day requirements that has to be faced during Study and Work.

We believe in sharing Knowledge, Experience and make life Little bit easier for everyone involved.


Our Story

We too were your regular guy deploring own business and face several problems along the way. As we grew older and get to know the experiences of fellow colleagues, it became apparent that those problems were not unique to us in any way and was far more systemic. Interestingly enough posts on this sites are direct questions and problem we faced at some point.

We were in middle of gossip one evening when this idea came up and decided to use our talent to better use instead of scrolling Facebook and Instagram’s pages.This Ensures that we will update this site as frequently as possible.

So we decided to pool our talent together to make this site Work and a Great Resource for CA Students And CA Articles/ Trainee.


Next Steps…

If you too share our view then you can volunteer your posts and it would appear on this site. If you volunteer enough then you can become a member as well.

If you can’t contribute then do share this site with your friends who can benefit from this site.

Let us know what you think.

Do give it a try as you can join the community and engage with us and other users by posting your questions or you can answer any question of other users.

Any feedback will be of great Help, As it let us see the result of our effort.


Meet Our Member

Dipendra Yadav

Founder and Admin at Catrainee.com

About Me

A CA Final Student  Fascinated by the Computer Technology.
Having undergone Internship in a CA Firm. Only now I can comprehend the reach and impact that Technology brings to the Profession.
Currently, In Pursuit of becoming an Information System Auditor (ISA).



CA Final Student


Tally 89%
MS- Excel 79%
Tax Returns 71%
GST 46%
Audit 85%