7 New Year Resolution for CA Students

7 New Year Resolution for CA Students


As previous year comes to the end, you can now understand and analyse the past year. You can now assess your performance against your expectations you had from the past year. Hopefully, you have in hand your Journal or Personal Diary/Notebook from the previous year. It helps you in assessing your past actions/ performance and based on that project your next upcoming year.

Having said that Now let’s Welcome New Year with whole heart, with new energy, vigour and focus. Now is the time to Learn lesson from last year and Promise yourself not to repeat those same mistakes again and again.

Now you can take out your Pen and Your New Diary out and write down your plans and strategy for New Year. Here is a list that might help you with your New Year 2019 Resolution.


Improving Your Soft Skills.

As a CA Students you have to constantly be in touch with your Seniors, clients and other professionals during your Internship. In order to handle them efficiently and effectively you must possess skills like Communication Skills, Presentations Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork, Problem Solving Skills, etc. CA Students in particular lack in this area.

Orientation programme and MCS course from ICAI help you direct towards the right path. But simply relying on them is not enough. You have to learn this on your own from self-help books and tutorials online. Hence, it is really good idea You invest your Time and Attention to Improve Soft Skills.


Improving Fluency of Your English Speaking.

Let’s face it we all get impressed by someone who speaks in English Fluently. Deep inside we all want to speak like them as well, but we are either hesitant to speak or genuinely lack the skills due to various reasons.

Good news is English is our 2nd language and we all can learn to speak fluently if we put necessary time and effort to it. If you are limited by the time, then there are ways you can leverage your CA Study time to improve your English.

Benefits of fluent English speaking are endless, and will open career opportunities that wasn’t even within your reach. Not to mention attractive personality, colleague/boss taking you seriously, etc.

Hopefully, this is the year you allocate time for your English Speaking. Want to learn English speaking? Click Here


Build your Professional Network.

During Your classes & Internship you come across many people who may help strengthen and expand your Professional Network. Building your network takes Time and Patience. You must engage and keep building stronger relationship i.e. from friendships to business partner.

That’s why 3 Years of internship period should be perfect playground for this project.

Now one may argue study time is more important than investing time on building your Network, I Agree. Timing is important Leverage Period of your internship.


Reading 7 Self Help Books During the Year.

Life of a CA Students is filled with Specialized technical books on Direct Tax Laws & Indirect Tax Laws, Finance, Accounting, Auditing, etc. While these Help us with the detailed technical job on hand. It fails to teach us how to deal with various situations of workplace.

For example, Office Politics, Teamwork, Leadership, Negotiations etc. These topics can be learned from the Self Help books which will help you in your workplace success and a rewarding career.

You just have to pick the Recommended ones and make a target to complete them during the year. As long as you Make habit of reading books apart from the Study Materials you will be on course to achieving your goals.


Use Social Media for Value Addition.

Social Presence has become a norm for the today’s society. Being future professional you have to know how to leverage social media to your advantage.

Social Media can be a great Time Killers during study Time. But leaving it completely, you Risk missing out on lot of updates from friends and your colleague which eventually decreases your Networking potential.


Mastering The Subject, You Love.

As a CA Student you will have to decide the field you are going to specialize and eventually become an Expert on. Be it Tax, Auditing, Financial Reporting, Finance, etc. But you will have to choose one eventually.

So, if you already love any particular subject then you should really work on Mastering it. Mastering means you have a very deep understandings of the subject matter.

This Year Find the subject and work continually to become an expert on that subject.


 Learn New Technical Skill

Every CA Student is familiar with the MS Office Package and Tally Accounting software. Learning this two software used to be enough for Chartered Accountants to perform their duties.

But this is 2019 and the job markets are changing and the Required Skill set of market are changing with it.

In order to stay Relevant in the Tomorrows job market and stay competitive you must commit yourself to Learn Relevant New Technical Skill. Start Learning VBA for MS-Excel, Business Analytics, Data Visualization, etc.

Hopefully, this post motivated you enough, So that this is the New Year you Begin your journey and Lay foundation for the Future Success. Do reach out to us in case you need further assistance we have strong community that can help you solve your problem.

On that note We Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019.

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